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We're Six Months In!

Six months in and we're making strides. It's Summertime! Finally, my favorite time of the year. Time to unwind and reset. For me this holds true, 'cause as a teacher, it's my siesta in a sense. School has ended and we have a few months to relax and literally unwind.

Well, unwind is in the plans. Since our last conversation a lot has happened. First, my first chapter was accepted in a 1st Chapter contest by The Write Launch this past February. Check it out at It's titled, Iben… I’ve Been Through Some Sh#@!: Unbroken, Issue 46 by K.E. Mullins. Again, this is the first chapter of an upcoming book. I'm looking for an agent to represent me. If you know of any, send them my way.

Additionally, in March of this year, I was chosen as one of five artist in Florida to attend the Hermitage Retreat. It's a contest held annually to give a teacher from Florida involved in the arts a chance to enjoy a retreat at the Hermitage House. I'm so excited I was selected! Here's more information....

If you're in the area, there is a ceremony on July 17th open to the public. I'd loved for you to attend.

Lastly, well...not quite. In January, I was notified my first monologue was accepted by New World Theatre. With all that occurred throughout COVID and injustices against people of color. I wrote a monologue sharing my experiences. This was a collaboration of artist, mostly playwrights that all dedicated a very moving piece.

Check them all here and you can purchase a copy on Amazon.

Well, enough for now. If I didn't mention it. I did release my latest novel, "7475 Samona Drive." This is also available on Amazon. Here you go.

Peace and Blessings

Download PDF • 270KB


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