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Ten Things You Don’t Realize Til You’re Fifty

1. Having kids aren’t bad...Especially when they’re your grand-kids and you can send them back at the end of the day.

2. When people mistake your age for a younger year….No need to correct them, they did you a favor by taking off a few years.

3. Walking upstairs can become more challenging after the first flight. Especially when it’s only three and an elevator isn’t an option.

4. When it suddenly gets hot and everyone else is not…. it’s a hot flash.

5. You can say what comes to mind when you see people looking and talking inappropriately. If they’re under 40. “Cause you’re old enough to be their parent.”

6. Taking naps are authorized. Actually…they can become a must if you’re active. So, take advantage of them.

7. If you don’t have a hobby, take one up. Everyone needs to keep their mind busy.

8. Just ‘cause you’ve haven’t accomplished that dream…don’t stop aiming for it. Make it happen.

9. Love, laugh, and party often…. the first more than the other two.

10. Lastly, stay focused cause you got fifty more years to go to make a century.

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