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Time and Patience

Those are the two words you need for success. Time and patience in my mind goes back to the bible when the Lord doesn't come when you want him, but he's always on time. With that said, I had an amazing weekend. But, let me back up to tell you how it all started. I'm not a resolution person anymore. I do goals for the New Year. Things I want to accomplish. On my list of goals for 2019 was to engage Book clubs, especially this particular club here in Gainesville, The Opinionated Ladies.

The funny thing is...I'd been trying to find a contact who could get me to speak with them for over a year, but no one would contact me. Hence, November 21, 2018, our plane has just touched down and now

all my messages are coming through and the first one I see asked if I would be their guest speaker at their 12th anniversary on January 26. I was so elated I didn't check my schedule and replied yes. I'm glad I did because it was the most rewarding experience as a writer. An ah ha moment, I'll always treasure and also my first pr for book sales as one event. I look forward to more engagements this year.

Patience is key .

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